Using your videos on events and facts, organizes information in time
and place to make it available in a more direct and intuitive way


By changing the way people discover knowledge, imagine the implications for the future. What Time Map Project offers is a way of making trusted information , transparent and accessible for everybody.

Have you ever thought about how people of the future will find your videos in 100 years? Or 1000? We've built a unique system of information search based on two parameters: time and place. Instead of searching for words that can often be obscure, we propose to organize information by time and place - a much more direct and intuitive way to look for the information that moves your world. Using our app you can record and share your videos with eternity. Not just your friends and family. Every video you record will be protected from changing and will be marked with the time and the place of filming. All of the videos will be placed on a map. You can find out what happened in your country on your birthday or get reliable information about events anywhere in the world.

We've built a unique system of information search:

Time line

Intuitively clear interface of the time line will let you explore events. Have you missed a music festival or a concert? Just input a specific date and watch videos made by others there. Do you want to check out how your city has changed over the past year? Or century? Get historic facts from the sources

Video map

VIDEO MAP is a very simple way of showing information. All the videos are shown on the map exactly where they were filmed. Just find the place of interest on a map. This will help you check the info that you get from TV and other sources. Key events in Hollywood or terrorist attacks in Europe. It's the fastest way of getting first hand information from witnesses of these events. Alternatively, you can explore unexplored corners of the planet thanks to more lucky travellers


We've built an algorithm protecting your video with reliable encryption. It stores information on the time and the date of the recording. Your video is protected from any manipulation. If you witnessed an accident or a crime, your video can be verified not just via our enctyption but other videos made at the same time and place


A simple app will let you record encrypted videos and upload them into a global video encyclopaedia. Watch all the videos on the map. Find out first what happens in places of interest. See what your friends did on a trip. Is it your first time in a city and you want to find the best party? Just watch what people filmed at different clubs over the past month.


Browser version will open the full potential of working with information in our system. Add videos made earlier, texts, photos that are related to a specific place or time. Explore and analyse information from different sources which tell the same story. Create your own networks or closed groups to discuss and analyse information.


Claudio Carter


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