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TimeMapProject is a free tool to verify and get your videos in front of the eyes of the world. A global, unbiased, source for real-time news and location/time based video content. Your videos can help stop crimes, authorities respond to a crises or bring to light an civil injustice. TimeMapProject helps your videos get out into the world so that they can shed light on the injustices that corrupt our society. Whats more, if your video gets picked up by the press we make getting royalties from it easy.
Our app isn`t ready yet, and will be open a closed test soon. Feel free to watch the explanation video below and join us on our social networks to stay in the loop.

In our world, the truth is created through repetition. The truth is the message that is repeated most often. Verification becomes a matter of pattern recognition, which can lead us in the direction of fake news and propaganda. We believe that there is a better solution, where is original information is more valuable than what others whant you to see.
Timemapproject is just that, a tool to create and share undisputed original content through your smartphone. Then everything is shared on an information on map, where events can be understood from many points of view. Just select the place and time you want to know about and easily browse through authentic videos that objectively show you what was going on.

Check our awesome features:

Endless Time line

The intuitive and simple interface of the time line will let you explore events, from beginning to the end, with no edits or cuts. Endless time line will let you see deep into history and help you to discover history facts. Easily see how the world changes over the years, weeks or even minutes

Video Globe

GLOBE is a very simple way to explore information. All the videos are shown on the map exactly where they were filmed. Just find the place and time of interest on a map. This will give you a reality check against TV and other sources. It's the fastest way of getting first hand information from witnesses of these events


Everything on Time Map Project is encrypted to protected your videos. Securing the video, the location and the time it was recorded. If you witness an accident, or a crime, your video can be verified not just via our encryption but other videos made at the same time and place, making it an authoritative part of our collective human history


A simple app will let you record encrypted videos and upload them into a global video encyclopaedia. Watch all the videos on the map. Find out first what happens in places of interest. See what your friends did on a trip. Is it your first time in a city and you want to find the best party? Just watch what people filmed at different clubs over the past month.


Browser version will open the full potential of working with information in our system. Add videos made earlier, texts, photos that are related to a specific place or time. Explore and analyse information from different sources which tell the same story. Create your own networks or closed groups to discuss and analyse information.


Israel Menis CTO
Claudio Carter COO


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