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How it works

This special app collects all the valuable information from your smartphone and synchronizes videos with each other and puts it on to your timeline.

Social bonus

Get video information directly from eyewitnesses and not the perspective of the media. One event, with multiple point of views.


Available all over the world.
Just film and share videos, by using our special app.You can see exactly what happens at the same time no matter the distance.

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Dev Team


Developer, Co-Founder


Business dev, Co-Founder

Our motivation

After the riots broke out in Ukraine, impetuous propaganda began spreading through mass media outlets; in Russia and abroad. We spent two days trying to find at least one impartial point of view! We tried to search through blogs and news websites, and watched hundreds of videos, but we still couldn't find what we were looking for. On the contrary, we were more confused.

Then we decided that all of us would like to have a web service that could help us better understand world crucial events in an impartial way. So we decided to unite disparate information and to finally be able see the big picture.

The events in Ukraine are just a small part of all the events that occur in the world, are happening now, or will happen in the future.We intend to bring a balanced view by making socially sourced videos easier to access, we offer the world an unprecedented level of transparency so that people can make their own decisions on current events.This way communities and individuals can stay informed and make better decisions in the future.

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